Team Finland India Day in Helsinki 21.4.2017

Team Finland India Day in Helsinki 21.4.2017

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, whilst the European economies are rather stagnant. India is only a seven-hour flight away from Helsinki and business language is English.

For some reason, for the past few years India has not been very high on the Finnish agenda.
Now, however, a clear shift is taking place: at Kasvu we get inquiries and requests for proposal on a weekly basis.

I am really pleased that Team Finland will organise an India Day in Helsinki on 21 April 2017. The aim is to bring awareness of the Indian opportunities to Finnish companies and stakeholders.

Other Nordic countries have their Indian strategies and visions in place and are making the most of the opportunities. With a very active Team Finland India in New Delhi, I am convinced that now Finland will also be able to seize more opportunities and create a good narrative about herself in India.

Join us in Helsinki on 21 April to learn more.

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